A Visa to the Heart is a short quest available from Visa on the second floor of the Crystal Castle. The player has the option of helping her and her secret crush, the guard Breakout, get together, via a clever little plot. If successful, the player is rewarded with 200 bits and 200 XP in all talents.

Quest Edit

If the player accepts the quest, Visa will give instructions to seek out Breakout on the third floor of the Crystal Castle and insult her to his face, so that he will jump to her defence and realise he is braver than he thinks. She also gives the player a note, to give to Breakout after his bravery is proven.

The player can question and deviate from Visa's intended plan at many points during this short quest; if and how this affects the outcome has yet to be determined. The rewards listed are for carrying the plan out exactly as stated, and then returning to Visa to inform her of its success.

Trivia Edit

  • While at one point during the dialogue the player can claim that they could have read the note at any time while it was in their posession, the item cannot actually be read

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