Arcane Gleam is a unicorn NPC located near the town hall in southeastern Ponydale.


Arcane Gleam carries a Lantern.


  • "Soon, I know I will taste a meal that will expand the mind, that ends the constant grind of each day, and create a new world… hopefully, it won’t be too fattening."
  • "The ultimate goal in my career? To witness the master craftsmanship of a skilled chef. Shall you usher in this dream?"
  • "In this house in Ponydale, I wait of dealing of a meal that doesn’t stain my coat"
  • "That meal that graced my presence yesterday… I feel as if it has changed my destiny. At least for a day, nothing long-term."
  • "A warm greeting to you, traveller"
  • "Bastion and Penny are just so bleak, so unexcited… this divine task was placed upon us to bring joy to the less privileged!"
  • "As vivacious as a circus parade, entrancing as ancient unicorn magic, mysterious as undiscovered land, it is I, Arcane Gleam. A pleasure to make your acquaintance."
  • "Seeing a chef’s craftsmanship is a fine way to understand who they are. Especially if it’s terrible."

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