Barbelle is an earth pony NPC who can be found at the playing field in the Crystal Stadium, located in the Crystal Kingdom.

Dialouge Edit

  • "Hello. I hope you are well, and the fair treats you fair."
  • "Wait. Pythons? What Pythons? Where!? Eeeep! I hate snakes!"
  • "When is that crazy Inventor gonna make a chair I wont crush?"
  • "Hooficures? Why wouldn't I like hooficures? I'm still a lady, after all."
  • "Ever race a Pegasus from the ground? The trick is to dodge the mountains and trees. Usually they don't, and that's the only reason i win."
  • "I could have just gone to work at a circus. I'm still a freak here, but a freak with friends at least."
  • "I think i have the endurance of a Pegasus. Does that have to mean that i don't think Earth ponies have stamina? I do... I mean i think they do. I have more, but so does a pegasus... in the air... no wait... Oh ponyfeathers i'm doling it again!"