• Hiya11111


    January 27, 2016 by Hiya11111


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  • Silver Scroll (Calmevir)

    Things that need doing that I've only partially succeeded in so far:

    • Documenting new NPCs, NPCs with changed appearance, and removed NPCs. I have done the first two things for Cloudopolis only.
    • Documenting changes to terrain and architecture. I have documented Cloudopolis Drop Platform and the new interior for Fluttershy's Cottage in the Heartlands.
    • Checking whether all items are still the same, and whether anything has changed regarding the shops' offerings.

    Regarding the first point, I have painstakingly ordered the List of NPCs alphabetically. I'd appreciate it if that were to remain the case.

    Should anyone still be bored (I do not regard this as a realistic possibility, but I'm accounting for it anyway), it would be nice if someone could plot…

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  • Silver Scroll (Calmevir)

    And only starting a few hours from now, since I desperately need some sleep before this whole thing gets on the road. I shamefully disappeared without comment some weeks after the last OSW - I always had the delusion that university work would let up enough for me to return, but that never happened. Now, since there is another OSW on, I'm simply making the time.

    I expect a central coordinated resource is already in place for documenting all the new changes, as well as old changes that are known but not yet documented. I'll find it soon enough, again, once I've gotten some sleep for myself. If such a TODO list is not yet present, I'll create one. Expect me to once again document quests, items, NPC behaviour, and the like, take pictures of plac…

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  • McClaw

    OSW 8 quests thoughts

    April 26, 2015 by McClaw

    Here's my (much belated) solution to the quests issue from the April'15 OSW. Just go through the tiers from lowest to highest and complete all quests in a tier before beginning the next. If everything is sold, it might net a pony at least 4,000 bits.

    Quest sequence:

    • Tier 1: (pony training), Cutting it Close, High Time for Pie Time, Just a Stone's Throw Away, A Four Star Restaurant, Clearing Up Rainy Days, Good Old Days (pegasi only), Shown Their Work, Dandelion Tamer, Dust and Bunnies, Klondike Hikes, Mindless Violins, Supplying the Hospital.
    • Tier 1.5: Good Egg. (An exception; this joins Tier 1 after High Time for Pie Time is completed.)
    • Tier 2: Intensive Carrot Unit, Picking Up the Pieces, Chlorophiliac, We'll Fix It In Post.
    • Tier 3: Removing …
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  • McClaw

    The wiki is starting to really come together. Missing information is being added, errors are being cleaned up, categories are being standardized. So I'd like to suggest some formatting and organizational standards for articles.

    1. Articles should tend to be named in the singular, categories in the plural, especially when a name can apply to both an article and a category (e.g. NPC/NPCs). Exceptions should be allowed for official names that are plural in-game. (Reason: Categories are by their nature about multiple things.)
    2. Only the first occurrence of a word or reference that can be linked elsewhere in the wiki needs to be. Additional links may be helpful, but should not be too frequent.
    3. The subject of the article should be named early in the fir…
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  • Mylittleponyfairies
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  • Ponydreamer125

    OC pics ASAP!

    May 23, 2013 by Ponydreamer125

    Howdy,everypony,I would love it if you could send me your OC pics in the comments,because if anypony wants to,please post your OC on my OC blog.I am planning on putting them all together in 1 pic and type Welcome To The Wiki!on it and post it on any new user's blog.Squeee!!!I can also draw them in the real style of the show.I can do both if you like.

    PS: I forgot to add this.Please give me a name and info about your OC.It will help me decide where to put them and what position and...yeah.

    You can find me on the chat very often.


    [2]me again[3]me[4]me,painting![5]another idea for me[6]another version of meOCs that will be in the pic so farEdit[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]Dawnrise aka me 2[17]Dawnrise aka me 1[18]Dawnrise aka me 3[1…

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  • ChishioKunrin


    April 8, 2012 by ChishioKunrin

    I enjoy working on wikias, so I figured I'd help out on here too. I just kinda straightened up some of the staff members' pages. I also made Category:Staff to stick the staff member pages to. It serves more purpose than just listing them. It makes the pages related to each other. Categories are a pretty nice filing system. The more categories that two pages have in common, the more likely the second page will show up in the "Read more" section.~ I can't wait until we're able to add more! I hope no one minds that I can be OCD about grammar and giant walls of text.

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