Bluebell is an earth pony merchant located near Cantermore Observatory. She sells food items as well as musical instruments, eyewear, armor, and socks, and also buys items from the player.


Yellow AppleCelery StalkPearSaxophoneTromboneTrumpetGogglesGlassesBronze HelmetBronze Chest PlateBronze Back PlateBronze Front LegsBronze Back LegsIron HelmetIron Chest PlateIron Back PlateIron Front LegsIron Back LegsGold HelmetGold Chest PlateGold Back PlateGold Front LegsGold Back LegsSunlight HelmetSunlight Chest PlateSunlight Back PlateSunlight Front LegsSunlight Back LegsMoonlight HelmetMoonlight Chest PlateMoonlight Back PlateMoonlight Front LegsMoonlight Back LegsDot Socks (Back Legs)Dot Socks (Front Legs)BluebellShopOSE9
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Bluebell's shop interface. Click on an item to view it.


  • "Hooray! It's (player name)! I haven't been this happy since the last time somepony talked to me! Actually, that's a lie. I'm always this happy."
  • "Do you like flowers as much as I do? No. You don't. Stop trying to front me. I can tell when I'm being patronized!"
  • "Do you want some boots? Because you can totally have my boots! I've got more boots than I know what to do with. In fact, take anything you want! I don't mind!"
  • "Hi, I'm Bluebell! I like giving away my things and flowers and candy and sugar and shoes and butterflies and cupcakes and tea and bunnies and balloons and holidays and makeup!"
  • "I've got lots of fun clothes you can wear. My birthday is in June. I have an unhealthy obsession with flowers, and my favourite food is rainbows!"


  • She was originally named "Bluebell the Wearable Items Mare" in the earlier Open Server Events.
  • Bluebell used to sell equipment that could be worn by the player. However, as of the 4/11 open server weekend, she now only sells food (and a saxophone, for some reason). Despite this, a few lines of her dialogue still imply that she sells clothing. She sells clothes again as of 8/15.
  • Bluebell has no talent mark. There is no explained reason for this.
  • In the ninth Open Server Event, her eye design was changed and a secondary color was added to her mane.


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