Breakout is a Royal Guard earth pony NPC who can be found in the northern corridor of the third floor of the Crystal Castle in the Crystal Kingdom. Unlike most guard NPCs added in the August 2015 update, he has idle dialogue. He is also involved in Visa's A Visa to the Heart quest.

Dialogue Edit

  • "H-Hello there, {player name}. P-Please enjoy your s-stay in the Crystal Kingdom."
  • "Don't w-worry, they're not trusting the whole c-castle to me. Just a single hall. Nopony should trust anything to m-me..."
  • "I really hope you're not a ch-changeling. That would be really b-bad."
  • "Why did I want to be a guard? I'm never going to be that g-great at it."
  • "H-Heh, they gave me this area of the castle to p-patrol in, so I could do something without breaking down along the w-way. Nothing happens up h-here."

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