Bugsy is an earth pony NPC located in the one of the palace courtyards in northern Cantermore. Activating the Chlorophiliac quest triggers special dialogue from him, indicating where the player can find Mountain Flowers, but talking to him is not required for that quest.


  • "I really should be heading back to the Museum before Unnecessary Justice calls for me again..."
  • "Those Parasprites were really nice fellows before they all left for no particular reason."
  • "Some ponies try to talk to me about spiders. It’s true! Spiders! What do they think I am, an arachnologist?"
  • "Can’t you see I’m trying to admire these specimens? Go count the legs on a millipede or something."
  • "If you know anypony who has some sort of insect problem, let me know so I can see if I can talk them out of it. The insects, I mean. They’re usually rather grumpy if ponies try to exterminate them."
  • "Yes? What is it? Is there a dragonfly in distress?"


  • Bugsy's name is used for the item "Bugsy's Bug", which, while insect-shaped, is not an actual insect.