Buttercup is a beige earth pony with an orange mane and is one of the game's merchant ponies.

Where foundEdit

She is located near the Ponydale marketplace, standing next to a small stage in the Auction House. Ponydale Guards provide the option to lead players to Buttercup when spoken to.


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About this image

Buttercup's shop user interface. Click on an item to view it.

Icon Name Buy (bits) Sell (bits)
Book Hat Book Hat 8 8
Goggles Goggles 6 6
Glasses Glasses 6 6
Cowpony Hat Cowpony Hat 6 6
Potion Bags Potion Bags 6 6
Lab Coat Lab Coat 6 6
Boots Boots 6 6
Gala Boots Gala Boots 20 20
Hard Hat Hard Hat 7 7
Lab Goggles Lab Goggles 6 6
Scroll Bag Scroll Bag 6 6
Satchel Bag Satchel Bag 6 6
Wooden Sword Wooden Sword 5 5
Fluffle Hat Fluffle Hat 600 600
Bronze Helmet Bronze Helmet 75 75
Bronze Chest Plate Bronze Chest Plate 100 100
Bronze Back Plate Bronze Back Plate 75 75
Bronze Front Legs Bronze Front Legs 50 50
Bronze Back Legs Bronze Back Legs 50 50
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet 350 350
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet 350 350
Iron Chest Plate Iron Chest Plate 350 350
Iron Back Plate Iron Back Plate 350 350
Iron Front Legs Iron Front Legs 300 300
Iron Back Legs Iron Back Legs 300 300
Gold Helmet Gold Helmet 900 900
Gold Chest Plate Gold Chest Plate 800 800
Gold Back Plate Gold Back Plate 800 800
Gold Front Legs Gold Front Legs 600 600
Gold Back Legs Gold Back Legs 600 600
Sunlight Helmet Sunlight Helmet 4450 4450
Sunlight Chest Plate Sunlight Chest Plate 4400 4400
Sunlight Back Plate Sunlight Back Plate 4400 4400
Sunlight Front Legs Sunlight Front Legs 4300 4300
Sunlight Back Legs Sunlight Back Legs 4300 4300
Moonlight Helmet Moonlight Helmet 4450 4450
Moonlight Chest Plate Moonlight Chest Plate 4400 4400
Moonlight Back Plate Moonlight Back Plate 4400 4400
Moonlight Front Legs Moonlight Front Legs 4300 4300
Moonlight Back Legs Moonlight Back Legs 4300 4300
Socks back Checker Socks (Back Legs) 50 50
Socks front Checker Socks (Front Legs) 50 50
Socks front Socks 50 50


  • "Hi!  I like Flowers!"
  • "If you like any of my items, just take them, open your bag and right click to wear them!"


  • In early versions of the game, she was named "Buttercup the Wearable Items Mare" and was located near the Ponydale Hospital.
  • At least one member of the development team has referred to the building Buttercup stands next to as the "Auction House".


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