Cantermore University

The Cantermore University is a collection of structures in a circular area along the western cliff edge of Cantermore. It is at one end of a road crossing Cantermore through the central market and ending on the east side at the train station. Unicorn players initially spawn on the University's grounds.


A pair of portals in front of doors will transfer ponies between different platforms around the University.


The University's current form made its debut during the second pre-alpha stress test.


The unicorn tutorial "Foal Time Student" begins and ends with Starburst Nova on University grounds.

With two or three exceptions, the quest "Picking Up the Pieces" involves ponies on University grounds.

List of NPCsEdit

Bright Spark Lucky Parsley Professor Dapple Professor Flamel
Bright Spark Lucky Parsley Professor Dapple Professor Flamel
Rosemary Sage Sparkle Shine Star Beam Starburst Nova
Rosemary Sage Sparkle Shine Star Beam Starburst Nova
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