Chlorophiliac is a quest obtained from an NPC mare named Peacebloom located in Cloudopolis. It requires the player to do quite a bit of running around.

Journal textEdit

"Today I stumbled across a talkative mare named Peacebloom, clearly stealing rainbow water from the lake. Not only did she instantly confessed to her thievery, she enlisted me in locating some experimental plants that she hopes to infuse with her ill-gotten water. She wants me to get ten Cantermore flowers, five dandelions, from Ponydale, two gems from gem mines near Ponydale, and five mushrooms from the Evershade Woods."

Starting the QuestEdit

Peacebloom can be found in a secluded place in Cloudopolis — standing next to where the rainbow-colored waterfall ends in a small pool. The terrain may be difficult for an Earth pony to navigate.

Peacebloom herself is an orange mare with a curly green mane and tail, purple eyes.

Quest walkthroughEdit

Upon speaking with Peacebloom, she will ask the player to fetch a number of ingredients to help with her "rainbow-y" research. The ingredients can be obtained by speaking to a few different NPCs (side-clients) all around Equestria:

you can go to the Ponydale Mine to find 2 Ruby Dust, as well as venture to the Evershade Forest, to pick up 5 mushrooms. (Peacebloom gives two clues to their location: "Where the path splits" and "just before the bridge over the canyon".)

After obtaining all these ingredients, the player must bring them all back to Peacebloom in Cloudopolis.

Finding the itemsEdit

  • Dancer will give the player seven dandelions upon speaking to him.
  • Ruby Dust may be found on the floor in the upper tunnels of the Ponydale Gem Mines marked with a "DANGER" sign. They spawn randomly, but players will have to be fast in order to snag themselves a couple of gems, due to other players constantly picking them up to sell them. Be wary of Husky Diamond Dogs and Lantern Monsters while scouring for Ruby Dust.
  • Peacebloom's hints for finding mushrooms in the Evershade forest aren't actually very useful - mainly because there is more than one bridge across the canyon. A good way to find the little red mushrooms needed for the quest is to follow the path forward from the Evershade Forest exit portal - they can be found along it, and stand out quite visibly in the almost-entirely-green forest. As both the game map and compass do not work in the Evershade, it is not advised to travel there alone, as it is easy to become lost.
  • As Bugsy is not currently coded into the quest, he will not say anything relevant nor give the player required quest items when talking to him (fixed). Cantermore flowers can be found by dropping off the Airship platform to the grass below as well as to other areas nearby. They are pickup items, like mushrooms and dandelions. Peacebloom will still accept the quest items without the player talking to Bugsy.



  • Chlorophiliac translates to, literally, "lover of green" or, in the figurative sense, "lover of plants". (Greek: chloros pale green + philia love)
  • As of the Limited Access Release, Dancer gives seven dandelions instead of five when spoken to. As only five dandelions are needed, the two extra dandelions will remain in the player's inventory at the end of quest.