Choral Codex is a unicorn NPC located at the entrance of the Crystal Kingdom, beneath the two linked houses that form an arch, on South-Southwest Street.


  • "One wise word is worth a thousand hours of pointless chatter."
  • "You’re speaking to the 47th Keeper of the Crystal Song. You won’t be seeing a 48th for a good long while; I’ve got a decade or two left in me."
  • "Fads, politics, even ponies; they all come and go. Wisdom and tradition stick around."
  • “A ritual’s more than song and dance. It’s a participation in your community’s heart, soul, and virtue! Friends, groups, nations - we all need a little ritual to keep us together.”
  • "Pitch has the heart to make a great Choirmistress, if she'd stop getting her hooves into everything."
  • "Tourist, eh? Hope our country's to your liking. It's certainly shiny enough."
  • "I'll do what I can to make this year a celebration actually worth remembering!"


  • A codex is a book with hand-written content.

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