NOTE: This quest can no longer be started or completed as of November 13th, 2017. It'll be available again around Halloween next year.
Costume of the Night is a Halloween-exclusive quest that can be obtained by speaking to Ensemble in the Crystal Kingdom. When speaking to him, the player can request a 'spooky' outfit that is custom made, and then the materials will need to be gathered in order to create this outfit.

Meeting Ensemble Edit

A famous and entitled costume designer, Ensemble, can be found on the south ring of the Crystal Castle center.

When meeting with the famous outfitter, the player recognizes his work and asks if he can make a spooky outfit for them. He has one in mind specifically for them, one for a 'creature of the night,' and tasks the player for gathering the necessary materials while he thinks of the design.

Journal: The self-proclaimed greatest outfitter in the world, Ensemble, has promised to make me the spookiest costume ever! I need to gather the right materials first though; I can acquire the covering from Bluebell in Cantermore, and dye from Loadsa Monet in Cloudopolis, but for the framework, I'll need to gather some branches from Living Bushes in the Heartlands or the Evershade.

  • Get Living Branches from Living Bushes
  • Get Dye from Loadsa Monet
  • Get material from Bluebell

Fetching Materials Edit

Bluebell Edit

Upon reaching Cantermore, Bluebell can be found close to Cantermore University. Speaking to her, the player inquires that Ensemble sent them to acquire flexible sheets of paper. She speaks a little about her past interaction with Ensemble, and gives the player Cardstock.

Loadsa Monet Edit

Unlike Bluebell, who seems to have enjoyed her time with Ensemble, Loadsa Monet clearly had not enjoyed Ensemble's antics in regards to the color which inspired him, calling him a sheep. Regardless, the player can ask for a bottle of dye, however instead of giving it freely, the player must pay 50 bits to obtain the Rainbow Ink.

Living Bushes Edit

The Living Bushes can be found both in Heartlands and the Evershade Forest. The player must slay many as they can and must loot at least 8 Twigs from the loot chests. Be warned, the Twigs have a low drop rate and many more than 8 bushes will need to be fought to obtain the necessary amount.

Return to Sender Edit

After obtaining all the materials, the player will have to return and speak to Ensemble. He will express his joyfulness for fetching the perfect materials. After watching in amazement of his work of art, he finishes the costume and asks the player to pay a hefty price of 1000 bits. If the player lack the funds to pay for it, they can come back later once they have enough.

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of the quest, the player will be awarded with Batpony Wings, Batpony Ears and Batpony Fangs.


  • Ensemble will not actually take 1000 bits from the player; however, the quest can still not be completed unless the player has the full amount in their inventory when requesting the rewards.