Crystal Inquisition is a quest started by Princess Gumdrop in the Crystal Castle. To access this quest you must be Graduated.


The player must be graduated to get the quest.

Quest WalkthroughEdit

A Very Important TaskEdit

Upon talking to Princess Gumdrop for the first time, she presumptuously asks how the player got here and offers them a job: find "hate" and report the activity to her husband, Prince Overwatch, located on the castle's roof. The player then needs to head to the roof - which can be reached by a warp located to the left when exiting the castle through its main entrance if the player is not a Pegasus - and talk to Prince Overwatch who will talk about hatred and how "it can and does destroy nations". Soon afterwards Princess Gumdrop needs another talking to; she has discovered an alleged hateful activity between two ponies and prompts the player to end it by giving the ponies letters from the Princess herself. At this point, the player will be pointed to the Crystal Stadium where the ponies in question are found.

Crime and PunishmentEdit

The player finds two ponies in the stadium's seats - Horseshoes and Gemstone - having a seemingly heated conversation but is reassured by them that they weren't doing anything wrong as per the Crystal Kingdom's laws, and gives them the letters sent by the Princess. It is then revealed that Horseshoes' letter tells him he's banished from the Crystal Kingdom forever and Gemstone's letter tells her she's being sent to the rehabilitation clinic (for which she has to pay out of her own pocket), to which they both object by telling they weren't arguing and have the player return to the Princess to question her move, who in turn tells a story about how the Crystal Kingdom came to be through love and explains how love is what keeps the kingdom from freezing, also claiming that hatred and intolerance are forbidden for that reason. The player then needs to talk to Prince Overwatch again, who then unveils a dark secret behind the true lawbreaker: it is none other than Princess Gumdrop herself who is in fact unwittingly spreading hatred by strictly forbidding it in the kingdom and punishing others for even the slightest hints of negativity, causing the "Warmth of Love" to grow weaker with each passing moment. Prince Overwatch states that he and the player have to stop Princess Gumdrop from enforcing her disillusioned idea of love in order to prevent the Crystal Kingdom from being overcome by snow and frost. The player convinces Prince Overwatch that they can stop her with "logic", who then remarks how he doesn't know how could the player "possibly make things worse". After that, the player must head back to Princess Gumdrop's throne room and talk to her.

At this point, the quest can go two ways; if the player chooses to side with Princess Gumdrop by telling her about her husband's plan to overthrow her, the kingdom's love-hate crisis will go unresolved and Prince Overwatch will refuse to talk to the player afterwards. Otherwise, the quest presses on and the player will be able to successfully undo the ongoing problem.

The Crystal TruthEdit

The following occurs if the player stays on Prince Overwatch's side and scolds the Princess for her actions.

Upon hearing the player's accusations of her being the pony who is spreading hate, Princess Gumdrop begins losing her temper and attempting to refute said accusations by angrily explaining the importance of love and claiming how only "lies" hurt and that "hurt" is just two letters short from "hate" - not even noticing that she herself is acting rather hateful and thus hypocritical - and demands the player to get out. The player must head to the roof once again, where Prince Overwatch will chide the player for their style of trying to tell the truth to Princess Gumdrop and ask a few questions to see if the player knows what's the problem that needs rectifying. He then advises the player to wait until the Princess cools off before talking to her again (although the player can head straight back to the Princess without any penalties), wherein the player returns to her and tries a slightly different approach at telling the facts. The Princess still won't budge, but then Double Check and Sentinel remark about Princess Gumdrop's insolent attitude and point out how she's told everypony about name-calling being hateful - to which Gumdrop responds that she slipped up and is not perfect. Shortly after, Prince Overwatch appears and begins to rebuke the Princess, telling her that she's getting her status as Princess stripped and is being banished from the kingdom for being hateful. Princess Gumdrop is overwhelmed by Prince Overwatch's decision, realizing the error of her ways and apologizing for everything she's done, along with Prince Overwatch revealing that he was only pretending to banish her. Double Check and Prince Overwatch then offer a monetary reward of one thousand bits to the player - much to Gumdrop's chagrin - which the player can either take or leave.


  • When this quest was first introduced in Open Server Event 11, it could not be completed as talking to Prince Overwatch after initiating the quest from Princess Gumdrop did not trigger any response.