"This is one of the five available quests that appeared during Legends of Equestria's second stress test. Skyhammer, the fjord horse, needs your help with an important task." ~ KillerJH2

Cutting it Close is a quest involving the player helping Skyhammer return a book to Final Ink. It takes place completely within Cantermore.

Quest WalkthroughEdit

Skyhammer asks you what the player is doing and tries to get them to return an overdue library book for him. After accepting, the player heads over to the library and hands it over to Final Ink.  After returning to Skyhammer, he thanks the player for helping, but doesn't give anything thing in return for their help.


STEP 1 : SkyhammerEdit

{first attempt to start quest}

"Aha! What have we here?"

"A small pony."

"What do you want of me. small pony?"

[Response: I don't know...]


[Response: Nothing]

"Well, you had better be on your way.  I have matters to attend to."
<enabled {secound+ attempt to start quest}>

{secound+ attempt to start quest}

"again, you speak to me."

"you must be seeking a task!"

"I can give you one if you so wish."

[Response: I'd rather not.]

"Then go about your business, small pony, and I shall go about mine."

[Response: Okay]

"that is the spirit which I so admire!"
"I have things to take care of, this book's safe return to the library being one of them, but I have no time to spare for it."
"You can be the one to return the book for me."
[Response: Okay]
[Response: Not right now.]
"Well, small pony."
"This is quite the situation you have put me in."
"Leave me to deal with it in some other manner."
<enabled {changing your mind}>

{changing your mind}

"So, you've changed your mind. Excellent!"

"Take this book and return it to the one called Final Ink."

"I have scarce time to be dealing with these matters."

<You are forced to accept this quest>

<Step finished>

{reminder script}


STEP 2 : Final InkEdit


"I can't get a moment of peace today.  So many ponies coming to bother me and interrupt my peace."

"hopefully you can show that your visit is more worthwhile..."

[Response: I have a boook to return.]

"Hmmm, "Hearty Meals and other Feasts of the World."
"Let me guess, a big economy pony by the name of Skyhammer gave this to you, right?"
[Response: Yes, he did.]
"So he's hired a lacky to avoid his late returns fee by the skin of his teeth."
"It annoys me when ponies brazenly push the limits of return dates as such."
"It's good it has been returned."
"thankyou, that will be all."
<Step finished>
[Response: Eerm, no.]

[Response: ...]

"I thought so..."
"get out of here before you give me a headache."

{reminder script}


STEP 3 : Skyhammer (again)Edit

"You've returned the book!"

"Well done!"

"I would've returned it to her myself... but I do not like to deal with that mare."

"She isn't the most sociable sort.  Good job!"

<ends dialogue>