Dashing Delano is a unicorn NPC and merchant located around Cantermore square. He seems to be rather concerned with outward appearance. He participates in the unicorn tutorial quest.

Merchandise Edit

Tartan Socks (Back Legs)Tartan Socks (Front Legs)Vertical Striped Socks (Back Legs)Vertical Striped Socks (Front Legs)Sempai DressTophatDashingDelanoShopOAR
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Delano's shop user interface. Click on an item to view it.

Icon Name Buy (bits) Sell (bits)
Socks back Tartan Socks (Back Legs) 50 50
Socks front Tartan Socks (Front Legs) 50 50
Socks back Vertical Striped Socks (Back Legs) 50 50
Socks front Vertical Striped Socks (Front Legs) 50 50
SenpaiDress Sempai Dress 200 200
Tophat Tophat 9 9
Socks front Kitty Socks (Front Legs) 50 50
Socks back Kitty Socks (Back Legs) 50 50


  • "It’s not just enough to be beautiful, believe me. You have to be… dashing."
  • "Do you think you could let me work on that suit? It's nice, but it could stand out more....dashing."
  • "Suddenly. I find myself thirsty...Perhaps that water cooler wasn't such a bad idea."
  • "Nobody knows Jewelry like Dashing Delano."
  • "Such style! Now i would love to meet the pony who made you're clothes."
  • "Competitors? There is no competition for a pony of the arts. You do what you love, and nothing else matters."
  • "Exquisite."
  • "Oh,I think it's time for a tea break."
  • "Those shoulders do not go with that uniform. We're going to have to... Improvise."
  • "These gems, these rubies..., they're perfect."
  • "Now, this is certainly a dilemma. Would this necklace look better with sapphire? or emerald?"