/frames true|false

show the framerate

/position true|false

show the position/rotation of your character

/setqueststage stage#

set the stage value for the quest

/additem item# quantity

add the amount of item to your inventory

/removeitem item# quantity

remove the amount of item from your inventory, where the item# corresponds with the inventory slot, starting with 0.1

Additem commandsEdit

The following items can be spawned into your inventory using the Additem command:

Item number Item name
0 Green Apple
1 Red Apple
2 Yellow Apple
3 Banana
4 Carrot
5 Celery Stalk
6 Cookie
7 Cupcake
8 Pear
9 Flute
10 Epic Sax
11 Trombone
12 Trumpet
13 Violin
14 Chunk of Ore
16 Book Hat
17 Goggles
18 Glasses
19 Cowpony Hat
20 Potion Bags
21 Labcoat
22 Boots
23 Gala Boots
24 Pickaxe
25 Hammer
26 Strawberry
27 Strawberry Torte
28 Medical Potion
29 Stack of Cloth
30 Food Box
31 Assistant Nurse
32 Rainbow Essence
33 Scroll Bag
34 Lab Goggles
35 Satchel Bag
36 Wooden Sword
37 Firepony Hat
  • Note that number 15 is unused.

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