Dishonorably Discharged is a quest given to players by Cold Steel at the Wheat Farm in the Heartlands. It involves players helping Cold Steel check up on Stella, who has been absent from training for a while.

Cold Steel's frustrationsEdit

Commanding Officer Cold Steel suspects that Corporal Stella is faking a wing injury to get out-of-training, saying that such behaviour is not unlike her, given her "worst" disciplinary record and constant complaints about his command style. He tells the player that Stella is napping on one of the Heartland roosts, and wants them to confront her about her malingering.

Stella's storyEdit


Stella saying that Cold Steel is simply frustrated by the lack of action, and is taking his disappointment out on his troops

Should the player inquire about Stella's injury, she will mention that her wing injury was caused due to Cold Steel's surprise night exercise: Her sleep-deprived nature hindered her perception and caused her to crash into a snowbank. While she accepts that she is already off her cast, Stella claims that her wing is still too fragile for her to return to active duty till the following week, and that Rear Echelon can back her up.

Disagreeing with StellaEdit


In spite of Stella's story, the player can bullheadedly claim that she is lying to Steel, and that she should be busted. However, the player's over-enthusiasm in wanting to get Stella discharged causes Cold Steel, who reveals himself as an "expert in psychological warfare", to realize that the player is lying, and tells them to get out of his sight. Interestingly, this does not end the quest, and the player is able to talk to Steel again to give a different response.

Agreeing with StellaEdit


If the player agrees with Stella, they can report back to Cold Steel to back her up. Upon doing so, Steel muses that the player's evidence corroborates with that of Rear Echelon's, and gives in to her story. He also admits that he may have been overstepping his bounds recently. He rewards the player with Iron Back Legs as thanks for their help.

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