Drylaw is an earth pony NPC located near the exit of the Evershade Forest.


  • "Ah saw a big hairy critter in there ‘at was taa as ye or me, not fefty minutes ago. Watch yerself."
  • "Be cannie if ye gang in thaur. 'at Everfree's radgey."
  • "Awrite ye backwallow... Sorry, ahh... Hello. How are ye?"
  • "Hou's it gaun'?"
  • "Some wrong thinbs in there. Keep your een wide."
  • "Swatchin' fer somepony? Just us 'ere."
  • "Awrite what can I help ye wi'?"
  • "Wher aboots the thing... Oh there, rey across from it. Weren't a snake it woulda bit me."
  • "I'm workin' on the accent, dun worry."
  • "Need tae screive that doun fer latar."
  • "MM's a bampot, bletherin' 'bout him as a Champion. Heh. Champion innis own mind."
  • "Ahm on 'im now, radgey one he is. Swipin my grub!"
  • "I'll speal slow if yer needin'"
  • "That Neb over there's a door one, innshee? Bit crook'd in the noggin."