Dust and Bunnies is a quest obtained from NPC Polly Poppet laying down in the park on the east side of Ponydale, across the river from the windmill and northeast of the Boutique. One of her rabbits has fallen ill and she needs a special medicine made of ruby dust to cure her.

Polly Poppet (Initiating Quest)Edit

Polly Poppet can be found in eastern Ponydale, past the river and roughly opposite of the windmill.

"Hello there! You look like someone who might accept unsolicited errands! One of my poor bunnies is sick, and she needs a special made out of ruby dust. I have to stay here and watch over her and the others. Do you think you could collect some rubies from the gem mines for me?"

Response: Tell me more

"You see, yesterday, one of my bunnies caught a case of the Visiting Fever. It's a rare disease, which turns a rabbit's coat ghost-white and gives them the most horrible aches and chills. I don't know how the poor thing even contracted it. She'll heal on her own, eventually, but if I mix up a tonic out of ruby dust for her, that should flush out the Visiting Fever right out of her system. Can you help me find some rubies for my little bunny? I'll give you a reward!"

Response: Okay, go on.

"I need you to run down to the Gem Mines here in Ponydale and collect some rubies so that I can grind them into dust. I'll need, oh, about 5 rubies' worth for a tonic strong enough to cure the Visiting Fever. So, are you up to it?"

Response: You can count on me!

"Oh, you're a lifesaver! Just find 5 rubies and bring them back here so I can whip up a tonic for my bunny. Thank you, thank you!"

Journal textEdit

Polly Poppet, the pet store owner asked me to find some rubies in the gem mines, so she could make some medicine for her sick rabbit.

Note: As of January 2014, there seems to be a bug with this quest that marks the Chlorophiliac quest as completed, regardless of whether or not you even started it.

Gem MinesEdit

Beta dustandbunniesquest2

Green circle is the entrance/exit, red dot is the location of the rubies.

Rubies can be found in the Gem Mines north northeast of Polly. They are randomly spawned in the northern section of the mines shown by the labeled point on the map on the right. The area is guarded by spawning Husky Diamond Dogs and Lantern Monsters. Fight them or just avoid them by climbing on top of the crates and barrels of gems on the southern side of the section or flying in the air. Rubies can be collected using the right-click menu or by running over them.
  • Items that must be added to inventory: at least five rubies from the Gem Mines

Polly Poppet (Concluding Quest)Edit

Return to Polly Poppet to conclude the quest.

"Oh! That's quite enough. Now I can get right to work on mixing that tonic! Oh, yes, your reward, right. Here's a few bits, and some leftover carrots. I guess it's not much, but it's all I've got right now. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see a smile on her little face again!"

  • Items removed from inventory: five rubies from the Gem Mines


Polly Poppet rewards the player with ten bits, three carrots, one Rabbit Egg and 150 XP. Each carrot can be sold for an additional five bits to any of the in-game merchants, making the total reward worth 25 bits.



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