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Evershade Forest
Hoof statues in the forest


2 (as of pre-alpha 5)

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Ponydale, near the hospital.

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Point of interest


Into the Unknown
1000 Years

The Evershade Forest is a mysterious and dangerous forest with sprawling, winding pathways, near Ponydale. NPCs wander this dark forest, while monsters lurk in the shadows.

When in the forest, the player's minimap will be greyed out, forcing the player to rely on their sight to navigate around the forest. A dense fog that reduces the player's visibility makes navigation even trickier, possibly even resulting in the player getting lost.

The terrain of the Evershade Forest is rather diverse, ranging from plateaus to cliffs and even rivers. Occasionally, there will be no clearly defined path for players to follow, as they can jump over tree roots or scale cliffs (In the case of unicorns). While pegasi can fly in the forest, there is a limit to how high they can fly— usually no higher than the canopy.

Drawing a map may not be a reliable way to keep track of a player's location, as SweBow, former Public Relations member, once mentioned that the layout may change dynamically as the player traverses the forest.


The Evershade Forest has 3 separate maps with their own points of interest. These maps are linked by portals which players have to find.

Evershade Forest: Into the UnknownEdit


The campsite where Diamond Dogs spawn


A makeshift log bridge across the river

This is the first map which players will enter when accessing the Evershade Forest from Ponydale, containing portals that link players to the other two maps in the forest. A slow-moving river runs through this map, with wooden bridges or hollow logs linking its banks. Players can however choose to swim across this river without suffering any ill-effects. Plateaus are a common landform here, with monsters such as Timberwolves and Diamond Dogs clustered on or just below them.

Mysterious hoof-shaped statues in the ground point towards the exit of the map, giving the players a hint to the exit portal's location. A campsite can be found in this map, where Diamond Dogs spawn more frequently.

Evershade Forest: MoonlightEdit


The ritual area


The Poison Joke flower field

This map is accessed by entering a portal located in a clump of trees in the first map. This area features 3 points of interest: the Shaman's hut, the ritual area and the Poison Joke field. A path that can be found by travelling upstream from the river will lead players to the Shaman's hut. As of pre-alpha 5, players are unable to enter the hut.

In this map, beam of light can be seen shining downwards from the sky, serving as a guide to players wishing to visit the Poison Joke flower field. Birch Dryads are present in this map, wandering around the bridge to the field.

During the Everfree Northwest 2014 panel, the team mentioned that the ritual area was never meant to have any significance, as it was simply a side project by one of the 3D modelers.

Evershade Forest: MidnightEdit


The fast-flowing river, shrouded by a mist


Midnight Castle in pre-alpha 3

This map can be accessed by entering a portal on a river bank of the first map. Upon moving forward, players will find a fast flowing river shrouded by a thick mist. Jumping into this river will result in players being teleported back to the respawn area in the map (near the portal), so the river can only be crossed by flying over it, or by using the long wooden hanging bridge.

Running parallel to the opposite bank of a river is a misty road that will lead players to a ravine with a broken bridge. This, combined with an invisible barrier, allows players to only catch a glimpse of Midnight Castle. Players cannot visit this castle unless they make use of several bugs in the game. A Red Dragon can spawn near the ravine, posing as a hazard to explorers. Midnight Castle is mainly in ruins, with several pillars surrounding a main chamber. This chamber contains a pedestal with six spherical stones on it, which is likely a reference to the Elements of Harmony.


Main article: Mob

Everfree monsters

Some monsters of the Everfree Forest. From left to right: Birch Dryad, Hornet, Cockatrice, Manticore, Timberwolf

A variety of Monsters can be found in the Evershade, some more dangerous than others. The following is a list of mobs that can be found in the forest:

Places of interestEdit

  • Shaman's Hut
  • Midnight Castle
  • Poison Joke field

List of NPCsEdit

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