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Evershade Forest
A picture of the bridge to the Poison Joke flower field in Pre Alpha 3


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Into the Unknown
1000 Years

The Evershade Forest is a mysterious and dangerous forest with sprawling, winding pathways, near Ponydale. NPCs wander this dark forest, while monsters lurk in the shadows.

When in the forest, the player's minimap will be blanked out, forcing the player to rely on their sight to navigate around the forest. A dense fog that reduces the player's visibility makes navigation even trickier, which may result in the player getting lost*. The terrain of the Evershade Forest is rather diverse, ranging from plateaus to cliffs and even rivers. Occasionally, there will be no clearly defined path for players to follow, as they can jump over tree roots or scale cliffs (In the case of unicorns). While pegasi can fly in the forest, there is a limit to how high they can fly; usually no higher than the canopy. Drawing a map may not be a reliable way to keep track of a player's location, as SweBow, former Public Relations member, once mentioned that the layout may change dynamically as the player traverses the forest.


In Pre-Alpha 3, the Evershade forest received a massive overhaul, splitting into 3 separate maps with their own points of interests. These maps are linked by portals which players have to find.

Evershade Forest: Into the UnknownEdit

The Evershade forest was given a huge graphical overhaul, as well as a map redesign, in the third stress test
NNWAdded by NNW

This is the first map which players will enter when accessing the Evershade Forest from Ponydale. This is the largest of the 3 maps, having portals that link players to the other two maps in the forest. A slow-moving river runs through this map, with wooden bridges or hollow logs linking its banks. Players can however choose to swim across this river without suffering any ill-effects. Plateaus are a common landform here, with monsters such as Timberwolves, Diamond Dogs and Lamp Monsters clustered on or just below them. Players might occasionally come across mysterious hoof-shaped statues embedded into the ground. These statues apparently point towards the exit of the map, giving the players a hint to exiting the Evershade.

Evershade Forest: MoonlightEdit

A pony trying to make something interesting happen in the ritual area
NNWAdded by NNW

This map is accessed by entering a portal located in a clump of trees in the first map. This area features 4 points of interest: the Shaman's hut, the abandoned campsite, the ritual area and the Poison Joke field. Simply travelling forward when entering the map will lead players directly to the Shaman's hut. As of Pre-Alpha 3, players are unable to enter the hut. In this map, beam of light can be seen shining downwards from the sky, serving as a guide to players wishing to visit the Poison Joke flower field. Birch Dryads are present in this map, wandering around the bridge to the Poison Joke field. The abandoned campsite has several empty tents around a burning fire, while the ritual area features a burning fire pedestal surrounded by tall stones with glowing runes.

Evershade Forest: MidnightEdit

The fast-flowing river, shrouded by a mist
NNWAdded by NNW
Midnight Castle in Pre-Alpha 3
NNWAdded by NNW

This third map can be accessed by entering a portal on a river bank of the first map. The first thing players will find in the map is a fast flowing river shrouded by a thick mist. Jumping into this river will result in players being teleported back to the portal in the map, so the river can only be crossed by flying over it, or by using the long wooden bridge. Once the bridge is crossed, travelling left will lead players through a misty road towards Midnight Castle. However, in Pre-Alpha 3, the castle was sealed off by an invisible barrier, as well as a broken bridge spanning a ravine. Players were not able to visit this castle unless they made use of several bugs in the game. The Midnight Castle is mainly in ruins, with several pillars surrounding a main chamber. This chamber contains a pedestal with six spherical stones on it, which is likely a reference to the Elements of Harmony.


Everfree monsters
Some monsters of the Everfree Forest. From left to right: Birch Dryad, Giant Wasp, Cockatrice, Manticore, Timberwolf
RF941Added by RF941


Timberwolves are monsters made out of mainly tree branches, with glowing yellow eyes. These monsters are semi-aggressive, taking the initiative to attack players only occasionally. They will however retaliate if the player attacks them first. Timberwolves attack by biting the player, causing moderate damage.

Birch DryadsEdit

Birch Dryads are deer-like creatures with branches attached to them. They canter around the forest at a leisurely pace, pausing for short intervals. These monsters are passive, never taking the initiative to attack the player, unless the player attacks first.

Giant waspsEdit

Giant wasps roam the edge of the forest, clustered mainly around the portal to the Evershade in Ponydale. These monsters are passive, never taking the initiative to attack the player unless provoked. Giant Wasps attack the player by stinging them, dealing moderately low damage.

Lantern monstersEdit

Lantern monsters are small winged hooded ghouls carrying a lantern that glows dimly. These monsters can be found in certain areas of the Evershade, as well as the Gem Mines. These monsters are usually aggressive, attacking players once they are within range. Lantern Monsters attack by slashing their sharp wings at the player, dealing moderate damage. It should be noted that Lantern Monsters will sometimes follow their target over a distance, so players should run a long distance should they wish to escape from combat. Lantern Monsters are also able to attack flying pegasi, so they should be wary of these monsters as well.

Diamond DogsEdit

Diamond Dogs are large dogs with studded collars attached to them. They are occasionally seen in the Evershade Forest, but they are more likely to be seen in the Gem Mines. These monsters are semi-aggressive, sometimes taking the initiative to attack players, at other times ignoring them. Diamond Dogs attack by taking a large swipe at the player, dealing moderately high damage.


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Main points of interestEdit

  • Shaman's Hut
  • Midnight Castle
  • Abandoned campsite
  • Poison Joke field


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