A player gaining magic experience

Experience, often abbreviated as XP, is a measure of progress in a talent. It is usually obtained when players perform tasks related to that talent. Accumulating a certain amount of experience will allow players to advance to higher levels in that talent, awarding the player with Training Points to spend on upgrading a skill. The ability to wear new Equipment may also be unlocked.

Gaining experienceEdit

Experience can be gained by performing a task related to a talent. It can also be gained by completing quests which offer experience as a reward.

As of alpha 0.2, experience is awarded to talents that are used to successfully complete a task. For example, using Gale, a combat talent, together with Dual Cyclone, a flying talent to defeat a mob results in the XP gained being awarded to both talents.

Most quests also award around 1000 to 3000 XP in all talents upon completion, with the exception being from Mindless Violins, which allows the player to gain 9001 XP in all talents when the quest is complete.

The maximum level that players can currently reach in a specific talent is 50.

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