Fission Mailed is a quest obtained from Notarize in Cloudopolis.

Quest Edit

Notarize can be found on a bench in Cloudopolis by dropping down from the platform behind Cloudopolis hospital. When talked to, he is very anxious about an upcoming case. When questioned further, he will reveal that he represents Limeaide, who purchased an arcade machine from Loadsa Monet that later exploded. Said salespony has gone missing, and without an incriminating statement from him, Notarize is without proof. Should the player agree to help, Notarize will provide them with Bugsy's Bug in order to record their conversation.

The player must then ask Notarize about where to find Loadsa, at which point he reveals that he knows next to nothing about him, and directs you to speak to Limeaide.

Limeaide will contend that she installed the machine correctly. Upon realizing that she doesn't really have a lot of useful information for the player, she will invite them to interview her daughters, Spice and Sugar, as well. Should the player do so, they will be able to report to Limeaide that there is an interesting discrepancy between their statements, but Limeaide isn't able to resolve it, and information from Loadsa is required.

Speaking to Loadsa does not go well, as he is rather defensive about the accusations. Talking to him again with a different approach, however, allows the player to retrieve the required information.

The player may now present their solution of the case to Limeaide, or speak to all the witnesses again as often as is necessary to figure it out. Once the solution has been correctly presented to Limeaide, resulting in the resolution of a hidden family conflict, she will decide to drop the case against Loadsa and ask the player to deliver the news.

Notarize, while miffed about losing work, is glad to see justice prevail and will take back his bug and reward the player seven percent of what would have been his lawyer fee, amounting to 100 bits, as well as 500 XP in all talents.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of this quest is a reference to the concept of the same name, itself named in reference to the famous occurrence in the video game Metal Gear Solid 2.
  • Until it was patched in a hotfix during OSE 10, this quest would break after questioning Limeaide's daughters for the first time, since Limeaide's dialogue would not advance. Prior to OSE 10, this quest broke even earlier, triggering absolutely no quest-specific dialogue apart from Notarize.


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