The Flying skill tree, while in development

Flying is a pegasus-exclusive talent which grants players a selection of medium-ranged combat skills, alongside evasive maneuvers to dodge attacks. Progressing in the talent gradually improves players' flight speed while reducing the energy cost over time.

Gaining experienceEdit

Experience can be obtained for Flying by using Flying-related skills to defeat mobs during combat.

Most quests also award experience in all talents upon completion, allowing players to advance in Flying alongside other talents.


Icon Name Level TP cost Description & Notes
SeismicBuckIcon Airstep 10 20 "Releases a burst of speed which increases your dodge, and leaves you invulnerable for a short time"
Upgrades available: Lightning Reflexes, Evasive Maneuvres
SeismicBuckIcon Blowback 1 20 "You can send forth a targeted blast of wind to knock back or even slow down your enemies while moving. The faster you move the more area your attack covers, but the lack of focused energy slows your opponents less"
Upgrades available: Wind Dispersal, Damage Per Tick, Wind Density
DualCycloneIconCyclone 1 20 "You unleash a small but powerful cyclone damaging your enemies"
Upgrades available: Tornado Alley, Wingstorm
SeismicBuckIcon Wind Rapier 1 20 "You unleash stored wind power from your wings to create dangerous blades of wind"
Upgrades available: Wind Fencing, Wind Dervish

Talent masteryEdit

The maximum level that can be achieved in Flying is 50.

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