Free Trade is a merchant unicorn NPC who can be seen standing beside a light blue tent along South-Southwest Street, Crystal Kingdom, at the intersection with 1st Ring Southwest.

Merchandise Edit

Yellow AppleCarrotCookieCupcakeGooseberry PieBook HatGogglesGlassesCowpony HatPotion BagsLab CoatBootsGala BootsHard HatLab GogglesScroll BagSatchel BagWooden SwordFluffle HatBronze HelmetBronze Chest PlateBronze Back PlateBronze Front LegsBronze Back LegsSocksIron HelmetIron Chest PlateIron Back PlateIron Front LegsIron Back LegsGold HelmetGold Chest PlateGold Back PlateGold Front LegsGold Back LegsSunlight HelmetSunlight Chest PlateSunlight Chest PlateSunlight Front LegsSunlight Back LegsMoonlight HelmetMoonlight Chest PlateMoonlight Back PlateMoonlight Front LegsMoonlight Back LegsTartan Socks (Back Legs)Tartan Socks (Front Legs)Horizontal Striped Socks (Back Legs)Horizontal Striped Socks (Front Legs)FreeTradeShopOSE9
About this image

Free Trade's shop interface. Click on an item to view it.


  • "I’d make a killing if I got my hooves on a real life dragon scale…"
  • "Tried making a trading post in Gryphus once. Turns out, Gryphons don’t like tradin’ their feathers for anything."
  • "Anything is worth somethin’ under the sun. But I know what’s worth more. That’s my job."
  • "Whaddya buying today?"

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