Halite is an NPC pony that can be found in the Crystal Kingdom, on the north side of the outer ring. She's standing with Silicon and both are wearing goggles.


  • What did the scientist say when he found two helium isotopes! He-He! ... Hey, Silicon at least chuckled at that one!
  • Sil came up with the name "Faultless Four" for our little circle. It really set a high standard for our work, dontcha think?
  • A situation to be avoided.
  • I just can't seem to drag Gypsum into a conversation. Mare doesn't go peep unless she's talking thaumaturgy.
  • Our latest lab test the other day sounded like a bell being run in a belfry full of angry bats, only the bats were actually howling WOLF-bats that made thunderstorms when they screeched!
  • A soak in the sauna is just what a mare needs after a long, hard day around chemicals.


  • Halite, Silicon, Gypsum, and Graphite are part of a group of alchemists self-dubbed the "Faultless Four".
  • Halite is a mineral also known as rock salt.

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