Health is a statistic in Legends of Equestria. It represents the amount of damage a player's pony or mob can take before it faints. At level 1, all three pony races start with 300 health. This can be improved with certain items, such as armor.

At levels 0 and 1, all races have 300 and 350 health respectively. The health of a player at level n, where n > 1 is given by:

Health = 100n + 200



The health of a targeted hornet, displayed in the red bar

Engaging in combat can temporarily decrease the health of a player or mob. Any player or mob who has been hit by a combat skill will have their remaining health displayed in a target reticule around them. While no numerals are displayed, players can use the proportion of the lighter red bar remaining to estimate the percentage of health their target has left.

The remaining health of the player is displayed on the bottom left corner as a horizontal red bar.


Upon reaching 0 health, the player will faint. No items are lost upon fainting.


When a player faints, they will respawn after 8 seconds at the spawn area of the map they are currently in, with full health.

Recovering healthEdit

Natural regenerationEdit

The player naturally regains their health over time. At level 0 (without modifiers), all three races regenerate 30 health per second. Earth ponies regenerate health at a slightly faster rate than the other races past level 1.

The health regeneration of a unicorn or pegasus at level n, where n > 0 is given by

Health regneration per second = 9.5n + 18.5 (Rounded up to the nearest integer)

For earth ponies, the health regeneration is given by:

Health regneration per second = 10n + 20

Wearing armor can help to increase the player's health regeneration rate.

Food & potionsEdit

The player can recover health by eating food or using Health Potions. Most food items and health potions can be purchased but some are given out as quest rewards.

Medical talentsEdit

Both Regenerative Aura and Triage can restore health. Regenerative Aura is an area effect whereas Triage is targeted.

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