Helping Hoof is a unicorn NPC who can be found inside the Ponydale Library in Ponydale.

Dialouge Edit

  • "The Librarian in Cantermore, Final Ink I think her name is, I wonder what she's like. Is she anything like Ponydale's Librarian?"
  • "You would think that sleeping inside the Library until the Librarian returns would be peaceful, but there's this pesky owl that sneaks in every night."
  • "The other Librarian? She's off on some adventure with her friends or something."
  • "You know, all the time I've spent in this Library, I've never seen the librarian librarian-ing... is that even a word? I should look it up sometime."
  • "Have you ever been to the Library in Cantermore? It would be so much fun to help out there."


  • Helping Hoof was first introduced to the game in the sixth Open Server Event, after a major redesign to the Ponydale map. From the ninth Open Server Event onwards, Helping Hoof wears the Glasses item.
  • Helping Hoof was originally placed outside Ponydale Library, But after the Open access release she was moved inside the library.


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