Our herd was established
18 September 2017

== About Us ==
What is
the New Lunar Republic?

The New Lunar Republic, NLR for short, is a military-based faction within the brony community. Rival of the Solar Empire, the NLR is devoted to serving Princess Luna. For the purpose of Legends of Equestria, NLR will focus on organized missions in the Evershade and the Heartlands, as well as Roleplay for those interested. Our home-server is Amareicas.

  1. You are to respect and assist (to the best of your capabilities) your fellow herd-members.
  2. Understand that we want to have fun, but if you don't take the rules/any events seriously, you will be dismissed.
  3. If a member is inactive for an extended period of time without informing anypony beforehand, they will be put on AWOL status where they will have a week to become active in the herd again before getting kicked.
  4. Do not post anything NSFW on Discord, LoE, or any other place affiliated with the NLR.
  1. Timberwolf Infantry [TI] (Earth-ponies)
  2. Blue-tail Dragons Lunar Air Corps [LAC] (Pegasi)
  3. Hearthfire Wendigos Medical Brigade [MED] (Unicorns)

When organizing a mission, the colonel of each branch will select one unit from each of their three divisions. This means that a total of nine ponies, three from each branch, will make up the platoons responsible for the current objective.

Ranking System
  1. Commander [CMD] (founder/appointed herd-master)
  2. Second-in-command [SiC]
  3. Colonel [COL]
  4. Captain [CPT-*]
  5. Officer [OCR]
  6. Recruit [RCT-*]
  • sub-branch abbreviation
Lunar Oath

"We serve in the shadows to protect the light

We pledge our allegence to the Princess of Night

From wing, hoof, or horn, our enemies will flee

Long live the night!

May we remain forever free!

Luna Nobis Providet!

Vivat Nocte!"

The Branches Edit


Earth-Ponies who enlist into the NLR will be assigned to the Timberwolf Infantry, our source of frontal assault. They are tough, strong, and talented units. Focusing on their talents with animals, as well as combat, they are a key part of every platoon.

Infantry DivisionsEdit

First infantry: Level of base-10

Second infantry: Level of 10-20

Third infantry: Level of 20+

Blue-Tailed Dragons
Lunar Air Corps

Pegasi who enlist into the NLR will be assigned to the Lunar Air Corps., our source of aerial support. They are swift, agile, and have what it takes to master the air above them. Serving as scouts, these nimble units are essential to every platoon.

Corps. DivisionsEdit

First corps.: Level of base-10

Second corps.: Level of 10-20

Third corps.: Level of 20+


Unicorns who enlist into the NLR will be assigned to the Hearthfire Wendigos Medical Brigade, our source of medical assistance. These units are skilled in medical arts, as well as secondary specialties in magic. Without them, every platoon would fall apart.

Brigade DivisionsEdit

First brigade: Level of base-10

Second brigade: Level of 10-20

Third brigade: Level of 20+

Filly Swift

Night Striker
Sweet Pencil
Red Rum