Icy Sheets is an earth pony NPC standing next to Reefus Clackett in the rodeo stadium between the palace and airship dock in Cantermore.


  • "Hydration is vital. Go get some water. No really, go get some right now."
  • "Flexibility is key. You must be able to reach every weak point your enemy possesses in order to strike him down."
  • "My teachings are a philosophy for life, not just for combat."
  • "Those who do terrible things to others are destined to have terrible things brought upon themselves."
  • "Gigglesnorts"
  • "This city is sick, isn't it? Sick with luxury, laziness... and loneliness. Look at some of the ponies walking about, and you can usually see one of those three."
  • "Remember to properly stretch before and after exercise! Warm up before, cool down after."