An Iron Helmet is an armor item that can be purchased from NPC merchants Bluebell, Buttercup, Free Trade, Rear Echelon, and Silky Roads. It takes up the Hat slot when equipped by the player. It is a part of the Iron armor set.

Iron Helmet
Iron Armor
A player wearing a full set of Iron Armor
Cutie sword1 Combat level 10
HealthInventoryIcon Health: 200 ArmorInventoryIcon Armor: 16 EnergyInventoryIcon Energy: 0
Health regen: 30 Energy regen: 0
Attack: 0 Dodge: 0
Magic resist: 12 Speed: 0


  • Before OSE 9 in August 2015, the Iron Helmet item utilized the Mask slot instead when equipped. It was still listed as a Mask item in OSE 9.
  • During OSEs 9 and 10, this item left a pony's mane still visible, making it look like it was poking through.
  • For most of the Limited Access Release (LAR), this item was the only helmet that left a pony's mane visble. Due to issues with models for foals, this meant that this helmet was the only helmet foals could wear without appearing bald.