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Iron armor is the second-tier armor available to players. All pieces require a combat level of 10 to be equipped. The armor is sold by the NPC merchants Bluebell, Buttercup, Free Trade, Rear Echelon, Sales Pitch, and Silky Roads.

Iron Armor

A player wearing a full set of iron armor

Icon Name Level Health Health Regen Armor Magic Resist Cost (bits)
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet 10 200 30 16 12 350
Iron Chest Plate Iron Chest Plate 10 200 30 16 12 350
Iron Back Plate Iron Back Plate 10 160 10 15 10 350
Iron Front Legs Iron Front Legs 10 133 13 15 10 300
Iron Back Legs Iron Back Legs 10 133 13 15 10 300
Total 826 96 77 54 1650


  • Iron armor offers 4 times the armor rating and 3 times the health as compared to bronze armor, at about 4.7 times the cost.

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