The It's All About Me quest can be started by talking to Autumn Breeze, who can be found on the road departing the Crystal Kingdom to the east. Unusually, it does not provide a reward in the form of experience.

Quest Edit

When talked to, Autumn Breeze will ask the player to fetch her a cookie in exchange for 30 bits. If queried for details, she will complain about her vacation in the Crystal Kingdom and how she cannot stand the bustling marketplace. She also gives the player the tip that what she wants can be bought in town.

Upon accepting the quest and returning to Autumn with a cookie, the player will find that she has changed her mind, and wants a carrot now instead, since that is healthier.

Once the player returns with a carrot, she will reveal that she can spare only 15 bits to reward the player with, since she is saving the other 15 for a spa treatment. The player has the option to accept this, or attempt to negotiate their way back to the originally promised 30-bit reward.

Alternatively, If the player already has a cookie in their inventory, Autumn Breeze will ask for it and will reward the player with 30 bits.

Both carrots and cookies are available from merchants in the Crystal Kingdom.


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