Kaleidoscope is an NPC earth pony found in the Crystal Kingdom located across the street from the jousting arena, on the other side of the fluglehorn tent. He does not wear any clothing or accessories. He is involved in the quest Special Star's Heroic Deed.

Dialouge Edit

  • "I might be a crystal pony, but i'm actually not from here. Shocking, i know. I actually transport cargo along the river down to the south."
  • "If you see my mother do anything crazy, just come to me, okay?"
  • "Transporting cargo across the river may not be the most glamorous job, but it''s... well, you know... not the best."
  • "Have you been down south by the river? It's not much to see, is it?"
  • "My advice: putting things on rafts and going up a river is fine, but trade skills... those really help you in you're life."
  • "Not as warm as back home, but honestly? I like this place much better."
  • "This place is so refined. I'm thinking about buying a house up here. But the chances of that... aren't so great."
  • "Need something? I don't know how much help i can be."

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