Hello everypony, this is the post where you learn all about KillerJH2. For a start, there is a more important "Killer" on the team; so I am just known as Jonny. I am one of those who sla......Ahem...Writes in the shade of the big tree. I kid, we all get along fine and we are working hard to write all the things you will occupy your time with in game. I haven't properly experienced MMO type games, I generally don't encounter them as I don't normally have that much time to really get into them, so this is a first. I have been a part of this project for quite some time now, back in its origins in June of 2011, but I'm here now in 2012 after the whole fiasco and I'm still working! I don't really have much in the way of other pony projects as EO does demand a fair wedge of time, I have been tempted though, but I am not sure which field to enter into.

Anyway, a bit more about me me: I am in college studying to become an engineer (Hopefully moving on to a career in aerospace) after a spell in the RAF of course; I do have a passion for all things mechanical, but planes take top spot. Chances are, If there is a quest that involves flying, I most probably had my name on it. Other than that, I play guitar occasionally, make music using FL9, play football ("Soccer" to you Americans), play video games, watch cartoons and a few Anime and, read when I have time. All in all I never want to grow up! I'm around on the forums mostly, I'm also on Ponysquare (Hint, hint), and my name is my XBL (And general online) tag: So feel free drop me a message in any saying 'hay',Or anything else, some time.

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