Lavender Bloom's Letter is a quest item given to the player from Lavender Bloom as part of the Following In Her Hoofsteps quest. The player is instructed to pass the letter to Silky Roads, however the player can also sell it to earn 1 bits without affecting the progress of the quest.


After giving the letter to Silky Roads, she will reveal the content of the letter:

To Mother,

I saw the letter that the friendly

But you don't have to worry about me. My shop is doing so well. I can't keep track of everything. I'm having to put up a job opening for an assistant soon, and I'm seriously debating about opening a second location just as soon. That's how well I'm doing.

And it's all because of you, Mother. You taught me everything I know. I'm running the Full Bloom as well as I am because you did such a great job showing me what's the right way to run a business.

I know you want to make sure things don't fall apart because you messed up somewhere along the way, but you didn't. Not even close. I owe you so much, and you should know how much I thank you for that.

Love, Lavender Bloom


  • The second paragraph of the letter gets cut off, either due to a bug or is currently incomplete at the moment.

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