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Welcome to the Legends of Equestria (FanMade) WikiEdit

Legends of Equestria, or LoE for short, is a free-to-play, independent 3D MMORPG.

In Legends of Equestria, you play as your very own custom pony and explore the magical land of Equestria. You can embark on quests of epic proportions, find new friends to help you on your journeys, interact with other bronies, play minigames, engage in cartoon-style pony PvP, find clothing to personalize your character (including hats), go treasure hunting, role-play, hone your pony prowess, or pretty much anything else you can think of.

Currently, this game is in Pre-Alpha and is still under heavy development. Once it passes Pre-Alpha and Alpha, it will be put into a Beta phase and will be available for download. Due to the volunteer-oriented nature of this project, there is no scheduled date of release. The developers release periodic updates, however, to keep us informed on where they are in their development. If you have any questions not covered on this wiki, please visit Most questions such as: "What kinds of accessories will be in the game?", "Will there be combat in the game", and "What can I do to help this project?" are answered on their FAQ Page. Please look at the FAQ page on their website before directly asking them any questions.

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