The quest Letter of the Law vs. Spirit of the Law can be started by talking to Minister Spindle in front of the Crystal Library. It involves dealing with a theft of Slowing Salt from the Crystal Kingdom treasury by Stoneshadow, whom Minister Spindle does not wish to be forced to arrest. Depending on how the player chooses to proceed, a compromise may be reached that results in an additional reward for the player.

Quest locations Edit

  • Minister Spindle can be found in front of the Crystal Library, located on 2nd Ring Northwest between West-Northwest Avenue and North-Northwest Street.
  • Stoneshadow can be found on the platform of Crystal Kingdom train station.
  • A shortcut portal speeds travel between the train station and the center of the city.

Rewards Edit

This quest always yields 20 bits and 200 XP. An additional 3 Gems can be obtained if the player convinces Stoneshadow to attempt to negotiate a compromise of exchanging knowledge for slowing salt by presenting a sample of the stolen salt to Minister Spindle, then confronting Minister Spindle with her own words in order to convince her to enter negotiations.