Magnetic Drift is a unicorn NPC located in the Crystal Kingdom, standing behind a table at the entrance of a purple tent on South Avenue, near the palace.


Magnetic drift wears wears Satchel Bags.


  • "Having fun at the fair? Of course you're having fun at the fair? Have you seen the steam'n'spark engine display? They have one don't they. You really need to see their new spark activated engines they're working on!"
  • "Grandpa Goldengear always said... Gold is such a dumb metal for gears!"
  • "Magic is just science that, when I explain it, is okay if it doesn't make sense."
  • "Ponies' say I don't make sense... I make sense to me; I make contraptions for everypony else. I don't need to make sense for that, as long as they make sense. But then when they don't, why do Ineed to make sense. I know they don't work. That's how making sense works. ...Right?"
  • "Hello, Hello, and Hi there, too! It's a lovely day, and how are you?"


  • During Open Server Event 9 of August, 2015, he had an empty merchant menu that allowed him to buy items from the player but had nothing to sell. This was a coding error and was corrected shortly after the Event ended.
  • Magnetic drift used to wear the Lab Coat item

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