The Midway Village in The Heartlands

Midway Village is the largest settlement in The Heartlands, having the highest concentration of NPCs within the entire map. It also acts as a central player hub of the area by being located in the middle of the map, and being the re-spawn point for the entire area. Unlike a major town, the village lacks guards, so mobs that wander into the village can pose a threat to players seeking a safe place to rest.

Since the 8th Open Server Event, it is home to one of two locations where players can spar with each other.


Briquette Business Class Cherries Letrotsky Chestnut Spruce Clementine OSE10
Briquette Business Class Cherries Letrotsky Chestnut Spruce Clementine
Endless Days Foreshadow Neigh Sayer Olga Ulfstig OSE9 Primary Source
Endless Days Foreshadow Neigh Sayer Olga Ulfstig Primary Source
Restless Silky Roads Swift OSE9 Well Wishes
Restless Silky Roads Swift Well Wishes
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