The Mindless Violins quest is initiated by talking to the NPC Midnight Breeze in Ponydale, near the schoolhouse. Midnight had lent her violin to Astral Charm to conduct an experiment a while ago, and was expecting her to return the violin. Despite having sent a package containing Midnight's violin back, the package has not reached Midnight after 22 hours, causing her to grow anxious about the upcoming concert at the gala.

Starting the questEdit

The quest can be started by speaking to Midnight Breeze, who can be found near the schoolhouse within Ponydale. She will say that she has been expecting a package to be delivered from Astral Charm, through Swift, for 22 hours. She then asks the player to speak to Astral in Cantermore about the package.

Astral's frustrationEdit

As Astral is already frustrated with the experiment that she had to do with Midnight's violin, she tells the player that the missing package is not her problem, and that they should see Swift to discuss the issue. Upon further probing, the experiment is revealed to be about bees' reaction to music.

Swift and OlgaEdit

Upon approaching Swift, in Midway Village, the player overhears a conversation about how Swift crash landed onto Olga Ulfstig due to a sprained wing. The package was left behind with Pyrite, who was with the duo exploring. However, due to Swift's condition, the player has to get medical supplies from the nearest hospital quickly before pursuing the package.

Ponydale HospitalEdit

Olga tells the player to ask Mercury in Ponydale for supplies. Mercury passes the player the Medical Supplies that Swift needs, but also tells the player to advise them to see her immediately to check for further injuries.

Pyrite the archeologistEdit

Once the player has passed the supplies to Swift and Olga, the latter then reveals that Pyrite is located along the path to Cloudopolis in The Heartlands. The player finds Pyrite to be an eccentric pony who constantly gets distracted about the ruins of Athmanes. Amidst his rambling, Pyrite gives the player a package without telling them what the package is, or who the package is for. Without any further leads, the player just has to pass the package to Midnight and hope that it's her violin.

An old statuetteEdit

Upon receiving the package, Midnight opens it to find a statuette. She ponders what could have gone wrong, before suggesting that the player should check with Astral as to whether she sent the wrong package all along.

Pyrite's carelessnessEdit

Astral is not very happy to see the player again, but quickly becomes concerned about the statuette. She affirms that she did send the correct package containing the violin, and it was Pyrite who mixed them up. When the player confronts Pyrite about it, he becomes distracted yet again, asking if there was anything interesting that the player discovered about the statuette. Before the player can remind him about the missing package, he calls for the player to ask Fire Opal in Cloudopolis about the statuette's origins.

A cursed statueEdit

After showing Fire Opal the statue, she finds out that there is a curse on it, since she is not very knowledgeable on the subject, she asks the player to find Silver-Hoof to find out more.

Silver-Hoof identifies the curse as being one to ward off enemies, and removes it with a simple spell. However, the curse will take a few hours to wear off completely. Upon further discussion about the curse, he mentions that the curse causes its targets to become easily distracted from their original quest. When the player asks how much the statue is worth, Silver-Hoof directs them to Wanda Percent in Ponydale, as she's more suited for such questions.

The statue's worthEdit

Wanda explains to the player that although the statuette itself isn't worth much, the spell placed on it — to ward off Timberwolves — is rather valuable. The player asks for more information, but Wanda doesn't know anything else apart from that, so she suggests asking for Wayward's opinion.

Wayward isn't a pony of many words, but he hints that he does not like the statue, and asks the player to take it away. The player then heads back to Wanda and tells her Wayward's thoughts on the statue, which leads to her conclusion that the statue is worthless as there won't be demand from people who would normally be interested in such artifacts.

Returning to PyriteEdit

With all the information in mind, the player returns to Pyrite and tells him all that they've learned. As they have fulfilled Pyrite's request, the player asks for Midnight's package once more, but in all the running around that the player has done, Swift and Olga had already come along to retrieve the package to deliver to Midnight. However, Pyrite gives what he has remaining to the player, which is the Cat Egg and 12 bits.

Swift's obligationsEdit

Finding Swift and Olga at Midway Village once more, Swift says that the package will take a few days longer to deliver since they will be walking. The player offers to help deliver the package sooner, but Swift insists that she has to fulfill her duty of delivering Midnight's package. Olga agrees with Swift, and the two request that the player inform Midnight that her package will arrive a bit later.

When Midnight learns about the situation, she frets over not having enough time to prepare for the concert, and asks if the player can speak to Hullabaloo in Cantermore to delay the gala.

Delaying the galaEdit

As many months have went into planning the gala, Hullabaloo says that it cannot be pushed back. However, since catering is a large component of the gala, he suggests talking to Flan and the Paso Fino Cafe to reschedule the catering.

Flan explains to the player that the catering time depends on when Spud ships his crops, so she might not be able to change it without his cooperation.

They player travels to Sweet Apple Orchard to discuss the matter with Spud, but he states that the carrots being sent to Flan won't be in good condition if he were to delay the shipment.

Midnight's distressEdit

With no luck on the delay, the player heads back to Midnight to explain to her the situation. She's not too happy to see the player without her violin, however, and begins to show signs of snapping, pestering the player for her violin.

Noticing her distress, the player quickly heads back to Swift to urgently request the package. This time, Swift relents and gives Midnight's package to the player, which they then hurriedly deliver back to Midnight.

Returning the violinEdit

Once Midnight Breeze receives the violin, she expresses her delight, and tips the player 500 bits, which was originally intended for Swift. Midnight Breeze tells the player to convey to Astral the good news.

Astral doesn't seem to care much about the package's delivery, but gives the player an old pair of socks anyway, saying that it should be taken more of an insult for getting her involved in the situation, rather than a reward.

Quest rewardsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the quest may possibly be a play on the TV Trope Senseless Violins. It's also likely a pun on the term "mindless violence."
  • As of Alpha 0.1, with 22 interactions, it is the longest quest in the game.


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