A group of Diamond Dog (Husky) mobs in The Heartlands

Mobs are attackable entities in Legends of Equestria that are not controlled by players. They can be found scattered across wilderness and dungeon areas, often clustered around their designated spawn zones.

The combat level of the mob depends on the area they spawn in, rather than their species. For example, higher-levelled mobs tend to spawn in either the Evershade Forest or the Heartlands, while the Gem Mines are home to several lower level mobs. When defeated, mobs usually drop Bits, in addition to any other items that they might have.

General BehaviourEdit

Some mobs are aggressive, and will begin attacking the player once they are in range, or even travel towards players over a distance just to attack them. Such mobs include the Lantern Monster and the Dragon. Other mobs are neutral, and will not attack the player unless provoked. Such a mob is the Birch Dryad.

List of mobsEdit

Birch Dryad Cockatrice Husky Diamond Dog Hornet Lantern Monster
Manticore Timberwolf

List of boss mobsEdit

Neutral Apple Dryad • Birch Dryad • Swamp Naiad
AggressiveCenticore • CockatriceHornetHusky Diamond DogLantern MonsterManticoreTimberwolf
Boss Dragon • Knight Captain Orisi

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