Moonlight Flame armor is a developer set of armor, unobtainable through conventional means in-game. It is significantly weaker than normal Moonlight armor, but remains stronger than Gold armor. All pieces require a Combat level of 50 to be equipped. The armor is believed to have gone through multiple stat changes throughout the development of combat, and the values shown below are accurate of alpha 0.2.


The developer armor being used to test combat stats

Icon Name Level Health Health Regen Armor Magic Resist Cost (bits)
Moonlight Helmet Moonlight Flame Helmet 50 1000 150 80 60 4450
Moonlight Chest Plate Moonlight Flame Chest Plate 50 666 60 80 60 4400
Moonlight Back Plate Moonlight Flame Back Plate 50 666 66 75 50 4400
Moonlight Front Legs Moonlight Flame Front Legs 50 666 60 75 50 4300
Moonlight Back Legs Moonlight Flame Back Legs 50 666 66 75 50 4300
Total 3664 402 385 270 21,850

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