Moonlight armor is the fourth and highest-tier armor available to players. Compared to the sunlight armor its armor and magic resist values are interchanged. All pieces require a combat level of 50 to be equipped. Pieces of the armor are obtainable as rare drops from dragons and pegasus rock golems in the Evershade Forest.

A full set of moonlight armor

A player wearing a full set of moonlight armor

Icon Name Level Health Armor Magic Resist Cost (bits)
Moonlight Helmet Moonlight Helmet 50 1000 80 60 4450
Moonlight Chest Plate Moonlight Chest Plate 50 1000 80 60 4400
Moonlight Back Plate Moonlight Back Plate 50 800 75 50 4400
Moonlight Front Legs Moonlight Front Legs 50 666 75 50 4300
Moonlight Back Legs Moonlight Back Legs 50 666 75 50 4300
Total 4132 385 270 21,850


  • Moonlight armor provides about 1.67 times the health, 1.67 times the armor and 1.8 times the magic resist of the gold armor.
  • In earlier versions of the game the armour was buyable from NPC merchants.
  • Furthermore they also used to boost the wearer's health regen value.
  • A developer variant of the Moonlight armor, the Moonlight Flame armor, was created to test the revamped combat system while pre-alpha 9 was in development.