My IRL name is a name you shouldn't really care about, so just call me Nitrous! I'm 15 and my bronyness started June 1, 2011. Fifteen days later, my amazing MacBook Pro came in the mail. At the time, I was a n00b that thought he could build an original iPhone app in XCode!Isn't that just the funniest thing you've ever heard! About 10 days later, I saw a post on Equestria Daily that looked a lot like this . Pretty great. This was the time that I spammed my good buddy RainDrop with my sophisticated knowledge of graphics into letting me onto the team! I made a pretty bad 1600x1000 image of Dinky Doo shining her light into a cave. It was really bad. I created a lot more bad images that will one day hope to become "loading screens". Since I've moved under this new project, now I lazily work on stuff for LoE including Textures, concept art, and a bunch of other stuff.

As of now, I do many things, I work on LoE, I'm involved in a few animation projects, and I make my own games! I have experience in Flash Professional, GIMP, sprinkles of Photoshop, Inkscape, and I can make my way around Unity 3D and Blender 3D. All of these programs I haven't been using for even a year. I'm also an amateur programmer (or scripter, if you like to be specific). The first and only game I've made include this one which is a gift to Equestria Daily the awesome pony blog place. I'm working on more games with a couple of my brony buddies that none of you know! At first first I made games with Flash, then I because less stupid and now all the games I make will come from Unity 3D because it's cool.

And that's all for Nitrouspony's lazy Bio thingy thing! Here's my dA , my Steam , and my Skype is nitrouspony if you like chatting. I look forward to continuing this amazing project with pretty arts and things *runs into the sunset*

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