Penny Farthing is a Earth pony NPC who can be found at the Town hall in Ponydale.

Dialouge Edit

  • "I hope today will be better then the last. I can't believe i actually ate that!"
  • "Bastion and Glam should stop acting so extreme when we judge food. It's ridiculous.
  • "Hmm...a good idea to put salt in a crust, but too much can result in a dehydrated crust~why am i thinking about this now? I have a meeting to prepare!"
  • "I can't believe we are going to loose so much money from this deal! I hope someone special will create a meal that can take my mind of it..."
  • "I can't believe he would even suggest streamers. I requested a dignified gathering. Not a disco party..."
  • "Oh good, Maybe you can distract me from my agent's moronic lunacy."
  • "A vegan meal?! Vegan!? How am i supposed to enjoy some of the greatest foods in the world with such a... a... Healthy meal? Ugh!"
  • "Do you want something from me?"


  • Penny-farthing is a type of bicycle which got its name from its large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel, which resembled a penny leading a farthing.