In Legends of Equestria, players may own several pets that will follow them around and be loyal companions. At present, pets are purely for aesthetic purposes. However, future pets may have functional uses as well, such as helping the player pick up nearby items. Earth ponies will be the only race that can earn pet-related Talent marks, in turn unlocking special abilities for their pets (most notably Combat).



As of pre-alpha 9, four commands are available to command one's pet.
  • Sit causes one's pet to stay seated in a single position.
  • Follow undoes the sit command, allowing the pet to follow the player normally.
  • Aggressive enables the pet to retaliate against enemies currently attacking the player.
  • Attack causes the pet to attack another player or mob that is targeted by the player. Pets can deliver limited damage to an opponent but can perish in combat.

As of pre-alpha 9, three different pets are available, and can only be obtained from completing specific quests. A list of pets are shown below:

Image Name Special abilities Obtained from
DOG Dog none Dog Egg from completing the Intensive Carrot Unit quest
PetBunny Bunny none Rabbit Egg from completing the starter tutorials
Cat KittyCat none Cat Egg from completing the Mindless Violins quest

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