A Pickaxe is an item that is acquired during the Klondike Hikes quest and retained upon completion.


The pickaxe can be obtained at a yellow exclamation mark ("!") hovering in a crystal-filled alcove of the monster-spawning northern tunnels of the Gem Mines.


With the pickaxe in a pony's inventory, the Klondike Hikes quest can be completed. This does not remove the pickaxe from inventory, as explained during the quest.

A pickaxe can be sold to any NPC merchant for seven bits each.


  • It is possible to pick up multiple pickaxes.
  • A pickaxe or pick is a tool for breaking up hard ground or rock. Some people differentiate between the terms, with the pickaxe having a blunt end in addition to a sharp or pointed end and a pick having only sharp ends. By this standard, the depicted item would be a pick.

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