Picking Up the Pieces is a quest obtainable from Parsley at Cantermore University revolving around fragments of a historic artifact.

Quest Edit

Upon speaking to Parsley to the left of Cantermore University's main staircase, players will find him enervated that fragments of a historic artifact in his custody, the Aperit Amphora, have apparently been miscategorized as distinct artifacts and distributed among the faculty. The player must now track down all three fragments of the Aperit Amphora, while never being able to quite remember the name.

First they are sent to speak to Rosemary, who will agree to look into the whereabouts of the missing pieces in exchange for the player returning her book to Final Ink at the Cantermore Library. After they have done so, Rosemary will have discovered the first fragment of the Aperit Amphora, which is the Amphora Base, and will give it to the player. She will also direct them to Thyme as the next probable bearer of one of the fragments.

Upon speaking to Thyme, he will request an apple. A Yellow Apple can be bought from Bluebell, opposite the university; this and other varieties of apple can also be obtained for free from Grassy Fields at Sweet Apple Orchard. Upon being presented with an apple, Thyme will surrender the requested item, the Amphora Grip, and direct the player towards Sage for the final piece. Thyme does not actually take the apple from the player, and the apple remains in the player's inventory.

Sage already knows of the player's quest, but is unsure which of the items in his possession is the final piece of the Amphora. He offers the player a choice of a statuette, a mirror, and a cheese grater. It is assumed that the statuette is the correct choice, as presenting that, now labeled as Amphora Statuette, along with the other two pieces to Parsley results in success.

Upon returning the Amphora to Parsley, he will assemble it and reveal its purpose - a bottle opener. The player is then rewarded with 50 bits, Gala Boots and 200 XP.

Rewards Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The status of the NPCs in this quest is based solely on the items in the player's inventory, and the completion of the quest is not tracked. As a result, the quest is not only repeatable, but extreme sequence breaking is possible.
  • Despite the dialogue claiming otherwise, Thyme does not actually take the apple from the player. It remains in the player's inventory. It can be sold back for no financial loss afterwards.
    • This is fixed as of build v2018.03.02.
  • The character names of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme, may have been taken from the 1966 studio album of that name by Simon & Garfunkel. They got the name from a line repeated in one of the songs included, "Scarborough Fair/Canticle", a traditional English ballad.