Equestria is the setting of Legends of Equestria. A diverse kingdom spanning different geographical regions, Equestria is home to mainly ponies, with other creatures scattered across the land.

As of alpha 0.2, not all of the locations planned by the development team has been implemented. Major locations that are currently available are shown in the map below:

Crystal KingdomCloudopolisThe HeartlandsPonydaleCantermoreEvershade ForestLoEMap 2-1
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Legends of Equestria features a variety of regions, connected to one another with portals in each map. These portals allow for travel between major regions in the game, and are often located at the edge of the map. The locations in-game can be divided into three main categories: Towns, wilderness areas and minor maps.




Cantermore is a city perched atop a cliff of a mountain. Waterfalls from the mountains stream through different districts in the city, which serves as the starter location for unicorns. Majestic palaces and observatories are lined across the far end of the city, overlooking the cliffside.



Cloudopolis is the starter location for pegasi, though other races are also able to visit the location. The floating city features structures reminiscent of that in Ancient Greece, with buildings made mainly of solid clouds. The rainbow waterfall can be found here, pouring from a reservoir atop a cloud.

Crystal KingdomEdit


The Crystal Kingdom is the northernmost town in Legends of Equestria, which is home to mostly crystal ponies. Crystal buildings surround a large central crystal palace, which is the iconic landmark of the region.



Ponydale is a small town which serves as the starter location for earth ponies. Straw-roofed cottages are the norm here, with more important buildings such as the town hall built out of concrete.

Wilderness areasEdit

Evershade ForestEdit


The Evershade Forest is home to a multitude of dangerous creatures that are either neutral or aggressive. The thick fog permeating the area, combined with the lack of a minimap, makes navigation in the region tricky. New players are advised to bring along a friend should they wish to explore this location.

Gem MinesEdit


The Gem Mines consists of winding tunnels that link caverns together. The tunnels are filled with polished jewels and luminescent crystals. Lantern Monsters that patrol the cavern tunnels may be a threat to lower-leveled players. Husky Diamond Dogs are also a common sight here.

The HeartlandsEdit


The Heartlands is a vast open environment that connects Ponydale, Cloudopolis and Cantermore. Small forests and minor settlements dot the landscape. Some aggressive creatures, including Timberwolves and Husky Diamond Dogs roam some parts of this wilderness. Midway Village is a small town located in the middle of the area.

Minor mapsEdit

  • Go to Crystal Library
  • Go to Crystal Castle
  • Go to Crystal Spa
  • Go to Crystal Stadium

Crystal Library Edit

The Crystal Library is a public building in the northwestern Crystal Kingdom. Two gryphon statues flank the entrance on either side.

Crystal Castle Edit

The Crystal Castle is the central building of the Crystal Kingdom, towering over the city. Inside, a reception area, meeting room, and the throne room are accessible. It is connected to the Crystal stadium via an elevated walkway.

Crystal SpaEdit

The Crystal Spa is a small building found in the eastern section of the Crystal Kingdom.

Crystal StadiumEdit

The Crystal Stadium is an arena connected to the Crystal Palace in the Crystal Kingdom. An obstacle course surrounded by spectator stands dominates the area.

  • Go to Ponydale Library
  • Go to Sugarcane Corner
  • Go to Sweet Apple Orchard
  • Go to The Boutique

Ponydale LibraryEdit

Ponydale Library is a building set into a tree. The library consists of a lower level filled with books, and an upper level serving as living quarters.

Sugarcane CornerEdit

Sugarcane Corner is a confectionery shop found within Ponydale. Its brightly-colored exterior makes it stand out from most other buildings in the town.

Sweet Apple OrchardEdit

Sweet Apple Orchard is a farm found west of Ponydale. Apple tree plantations, along with other crops, can be seen being cultivated here.

The BoutiqueEdit

The Boutique is a building located on the outskirts of Ponydale.


Bramble WoodsEdit

The Bramble Woods is located near The Roost and the portal to Cloudopolis in the Heartlands.

Ancient Athamanes Edit

This dungeon has yet to be released.

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