The Ponydale Library is a structure made within a tree, unique from the normal straw roof houses of Ponydale. It has a total of two rooms, each room comprising an entire floor. The ground floor features bookshelves filled with books that cannot be taken out, though some blank open books are scattered across the central circular table. A staircase leads to the basement of the library, but a locked door prevents players from entering the basement room.

The second floor of the library (which is a separate zone accessed by an invisible portal on the stairway) is filled with more books, as well as a bed, a fireplace, and other ornaments suggesting that the area serves as living quarters.


The library is in northwest Ponydale, at a crossroad a short distance from the train station.

Opening hoursEdit

The portal to the Ponydale library, accessible from Ponydale, only appears during the daytime. Players who are inside the library at night will be unable to re-enter the library once they exit.


  • The Ponydale Library was implemented during the first Open Server Event, alongside the first preview of the game. Its interior has remained largely unchanged since then.
  • A piece of parchment with the words "Dear Princess Celestia" can be found on the second floor, likely referencing the pony from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series.
  • A book found on the second floor implies the castle ruins in the Evershade Forest may be known as the "moon castle ruins" and that a hidden underground area may be added there in a future version of the game.


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